[Typo3] Cache Files

Kraft Bernhard kraftb at gmx.net
Tue Mar 15 10:28:20 CET 2005

Bert Hiddink [BENDOO e-work solutions] wrote:

> You can control caching on a per-page basis (look under "Edit Page 
> Header" -> "No cache" or "Cache expires") or globally: go to the Install 
> Tool and look for "extCache" and other cache-related options.

I would think quite well about disabling the cache globally. If you have one T3
site on your webserver with not so many hits it wont be a problem ...

But if you have more than one site and disable the cache in all of them you will
surely get performance problems. Typo3 is doing quite a huge task of work when
rendering a page ... so the cache improves performance drastically ...

Train your authors to clear the "all page cache" if they modified a pagetitle or
some other content which is visible on more than one page (If you modify content
in a page whic is just visible on this page then there is no problem because if a
page gets edited the respective page in the cache gets deleted so it get's regnerated -
you have just a problem if the content is shown elsewhere example: the title of a page
is not just shown on the page itself but on all other pages in the menu ... so you
will need to clear all cached pages.)

There is an option for enabling a "Clear Cache" selectbox in the page module ... just
search in the archives.

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