[Typo3] TYPO3 on Windows - how is it working?

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Mon Mar 14 23:08:11 CET 2005

Hello Rainer,

> hi michael, this is clonedyke speaking =:o)

Aaaha! ;-)

> i still don't get the point in your newly created wiki page, but don't you
> yourself feel commited to your own statement "please stick to the facts
> when writing any comments!" ?
> as you already have noticed, i wrote (only) some remarks to your
> statements. some of them were deleted shortly after, but hey, that's the
> wiki way...

Do you really think so?
Have a look at the diff from after your last change until my last change:

The only position where I "removed" something was due a cleanup in the
Symlink section - and I guess that's ok if you look at what I've changed.

Plus I changed some texts so that your comments fit a little better into the
text flow.

> and some of your statements are still inaccurate or misleading simply
> wrong:
> "[symlinks] not an integrated solution (but directory junctions are) and
> requires an NTFS file system"
> of course they do need a modern file system, but you were talking about
> server (like) environments and nobody would run a server on FAT...

I didn't say that! Of course servers should not use FAT, but my reason was a
different one:
Obviously, the integrated junctions are only possible for directories, not
for files. Sysinternal says that this is the reason for providing their own
junction program.

If you think this is wrong, feel free to correct it and I promise I won't
touch it again! ;-)

> "[indexed search] Maybe a link would be good." a link where to?
> i could supply you with the setup infos i personally use on one of my
> servers.

As I wrote - I remember lots of users having problems with that, so a link
to some documentation would be great (...if you have any).

> "Logfile sizes
> There is not tool like logrotate which compresses/deletes logfiles after a
> given time.
> Clonedyke writes: Apache/IIS are providing logrotate tools."
> as i already wrote: you can use the apache provided logrotate tool or (if
> serving from IIS) you use the integrated logrotation, so the statement in
> its whole is wrong.

Look at the diff, I think you were simply not precise enough. Anyway, same
as above, I won't touch it.

> "Under Windows you can use only NTFS or FAT32 from your local computer. If
> you want to use the filesystem of another computer under Windows you need
> always to use the full name containing the server name to access the file
> system."
> wrong. do a "net use X:\ \\\myshare" and voila: you have a net
> mounted X: drive ...

I know that. Well, these comments were not made by me.

The rest wasn't added by me, so feel free to "correct" it if you want.

Best regards,
- michael
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