[Typo3] No category selection in tt_news 2.1.1 + Typo3 3.7

Peter Huppertz peter at futurmat.com
Mon Mar 14 11:43:53 CET 2005

Hello List,

I'm using the tt_news extension on Typo3 Version 3.7. When creating a 
new news-item the category-selection isn't shown in the flexform, so it 
is not possible to select a category for the news-item. When I upgrade 
to version 3.8 dev (nightly build) the catogory-selection is shown, but 
the flexforms are gone. Does someone got a solution for this? I already 
searched the mailing-list,  tried reinstallation of the news-extension 
and an update of the database using the install tool - nothing changed this.



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