[Typo3] HMENU.special = language; &L=0&L=1 - Why ?

Irene Höppner irene.hoeppner at isinett.de
Mon Mar 14 11:55:33 CET 2005

Hi Stefan,

> BUT the links in the language-menu look like this:
>     http://test.test.de/7.html?&L=0&L=1
> and
>     http://test.test.de/7.html?&L=1&L=1
> So I never can select another language, because
> always the current language is appended to the link ...

I get it "the other way around" with nearly the same Typoscript:

The first L comes from config.linkVars, the second from the language-menu
and as the second is the winner, switching works fine.

Maybe it depends on the order, in which TypoScript is included (dont think
so, but who knows...)?


> P.S.
> No, I don't want to use any language-plugin;
> I want to use standard TS.
Congratulations :-)

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