[Typo3] "CODE" problem

Irene Höppner irene.hoeppner at isinett.de
Sun Mar 13 19:37:40 CET 2005

Hi Alina,

> I have a problem with both extensions tt_products and
> tt_news. Typo3 don't read the parameter CODE for the
> pages and ofcourse it display nothing (but the
> parameter is set and nothing is hide). How do i know
> this: simply by putting a print in the code of classes
> tx_ttproducts and tx_ttnews. Finally, i have solved
> this problem by inserting in the function
> main_products/main_news the line
>      $this->config["code"] = $this->conf["code"];
> and seting the code in the page template
> (something like:
>      page.10<tt_products
>      page.10.CODE=LIST
> )
> Maybe someone could tell me why in the "original" way
> doesn't work wright!!!

Maybe you could tell someone which version of Typo3 and the extensions you
are using and maybe you could also tell someone where exactly you put which
"code". It has to be set in the plugin, not in the page...
And next time - maybe - you calm down before you bother other peoples time
to get help for free...


Irene Höppner

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