[Typo3] "CODE" problem

Eric Blom ericb at piap.com
Sat Mar 19 23:35:32 CET 2005

I'm using Typo3 version 3.7.0 and tt_news version 2.1.1 and having the 
same problem. But, I'm not sure that the CODE issues is the root cause.

I did not add any debug code, but, noticed in the Web->Page view of my 
news page that the content element says
	Plugin: News

Even though under "What to display" in the News plugin's "General 
Settings" I have LIST selected.

I have another site running Typo3 version 3.7.0 with tt_news version 
1.7.1 and do not have any problems.

I tried downgrading tt_news to 1.7.3 and even though "CODE: " is still 
blank news DID show up on my web site. After that success I tried 
upgrading to version 2.0.6 and then reloaded my web page and the news 
disappeared. I tried downgrading to 2.0.4 and still no news. Then I 
downgraded again to 1.7.3 and the news came back.

Now I'm new to Typo3 so maybe there was some steps I missed when 
switching between versions of an extension, but, it seems  like there 
is a problem in the 2.x.x versions. It seems like the problem must be 
something simple, but, if it is in the extension's manual I haven't 
found it yet. The server I'm trying to use tt_news with is a fresh 
installation. I'm willing to believe the problem is on my end since 
this is a stable extension, but, a little help from an expert user 
would be nice.

Alina have you found out any more information since your first post?


On Mar 13, 2005, at 10:37 AM, Irene Höppner wrote:

> Hi Alina,
>> I have a problem with both extensions tt_products and
>> tt_news. Typo3 don't read the parameter CODE for the
>> pages and ofcourse it display nothing (but the
>> parameter is set and nothing is hide). How do i know
>> this: simply by putting a print in the code of classes
>> tx_ttproducts and tx_ttnews. Finally, i have solved
>> this problem by inserting in the function
>> main_products/main_news the line
>>      $this->config["code"] = $this->conf["code"];
>> and seting the code in the page template
>> (something like:
>>      page.10<tt_products
>>      page.10.CODE=LIST
>> )
>> Maybe someone could tell me why in the "original" way
>> doesn't work wright!!!
> Maybe you could tell someone which version of Typo3 and the extensions 
> you
> are using and maybe you could also tell someone where exactly you put 
> which
> "code". It has to be set in the plugin, not in the page...
> And next time - maybe - you calm down before you bother other peoples 
> time
> to get help for free...
> Greets,
> Irene
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> Irene Höppner
> http://www.isinett.de
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