[Typo3] content element sortig TV

Maik Caro maik.caro at viebranz.de
Fri Mar 11 12:21:04 CET 2005

Yes, but I'm looking for the database entry which ist responsible for 
the sorting.
The tt_content table has the entry "sortig".
When I change the sorting in the "old"-Page-Modul this entry changes.
But not, when I change sorting in the "new" TV-Page-Modul.


Kraft Bernhard schrieb:
> Maik Caro wrote:
>> What is responsible for the content element sorting in templa voila?
>> Usually the sorting entry in tt_content ist is, but not in Templa Voila.
> Go to the page where your content elements are stored in.
> Edit the page header.
> At the bottom of the Page Header you have the Flexform fields which you 
> added
> by configuring your DS/TO.
> Here you will also find a select box which contain the actually 
> displayed content
> elements. The sorting order of the content elements in this select box 
> is relevant
> for the sorting of the entries in the FE ...
> Currently the "task" of sorting seem somehow broken to me ... I don't 
> work with TV
> for a long time but as long as I did i didn't find another solution for 
> rearranging
> the Content Elements than using the "Move to top" button in this 
> Flexform select box.
> I think is is broken because in my opinion a simple way of moving 
> elements is missing.
> (Also between TV Columns (Containers) you have to add/remove the Content 
> Elements from
> those select boxes)
> greets,
> Bernhard

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