[Typo3] Syncronize between Intranet and Webserver

Rudy Gnodde gnodde.rudy at wag.nl
Thu Mar 10 10:31:19 CET 2005

I have done this manually a lot of times. Basically you have to copy the
database (export locally to sql file and import online), copy the
fileadmin and uploads directories (and if you've installed or altered
any extensions the typo3conf/ext and/or the typo3/ext directories), make
sure all the permissions are set correctly and remove any cash and temp

This shouldn't be too hard to automate, but as far as I know there isn't
anything that does that already.


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Onderwerp: RE: [Typo3] Syncronize between Intranet and Webserver

>we have a customer that wants to have two Typo3-installations. One
>server in the local network (intranet) to do ALL the content managing
>work and one server in the intranet to publish the open content to the
>world. For this we need a suitable replication solution.

Is this not a mysql replication problem?
I'm new to Typo3 but other than the image files, what content is not
by the database?


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