[Typo3] Direct Mail Module: Sending Issues

Rodrigo Cea typo3list at ejez.cjb.net
Thu Mar 10 02:32:20 CET 2005

Tim Harrison wrote:
>>1) I can send "testmails" just fine, but when I try to do a "mass-send
>>mail" it doesn't work;
> You invoked the mailer engine manually?  It shows a "# sent" value?  I
> suggest you check your spam folder.  Also, be sure to check your apache
> error log file for e-barfing.
Yes, I invoked it, it shows the mail as sent. I did have some mail go 
into the "junk" folder (while sending as a test mail), but that doesn't 
seem to be the case with mass-sending. What's e-barfing?

>>2) How can I configure Typo to automatically invoke mailer engine?
> Put something like this in your cronjob:
> /path/to/typo3_src/typo3/ext/direct_mail/mod/dmailerd.phpcron > /dev/null
> 2>&1

I'll try it, thanks!


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