[Typo3] TemplaVoila - Disable Content Element links and comments in HTML code

Christopher tombedlam at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 9 17:05:07 CET 2005

Hi there,

--- Srdjan Prodanovic <srdjan.prodanovic at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings users,
> I would like to bring upon you another question regarding TemplaVoila and
> standards compliance. It had come to my attention, that TemplaVoila
> echoes hyperlinks and comments before every content element in the html
> source. An example following:
> !--  CONTENT ELEMENT, uid:81/templavoila_pi1 [begin] -->
> <a name="81"></a>
> [ End of EXAMPLE ]
> This is probably very useful in bringing your users directly to the
> content element being searched, or content elements being linked in some
> sort of content summary on visible places for increased accessibility and
> usability. With TemplaVoila's wonderful mapping features however, a
> designer may choose to map a content element in a "table" tag or any
> other tag, that doesn't allow anchor tags to be their direct children, by
> doctype definitions (XHTML).
> How would one go about disabling output of such comments and anchors by
> TemplaVoila only on certain sites?
> Is there some way of tweaking the TV configuration?
> Could this be done in postprocessing, for instance with some parseFunc?

A few comments:

1. These are *not* specific to Templavoila, they accompany every content

2. They appear in the source *before* the content element, not inside it;
about the only circumstance I can see this being a problem is if your
content element is a <tr>...

3. In most cases (90%+ ?), content elements are going to occur inside a
<div> or <td> element, and anchors are quite ok in those circumstances

4. The anchors allow you to link to individual content elements from the
standard link dialogues (*very* useful at times...)

5. The comments can simply be turned off: 

config.disablePrefixComment = 1

6. ... And so can the anchors, if you poke around a bit in the TS Object
Browser in the 'Template' module:

tt_content.stdWrap.dataWrap >

You can, of course, do this site-wide or on a per-page basis.


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