[Typo3] FCE Form e-mail validation

Boris Senker typo3 at dvotocka.hr
Wed Mar 9 13:18:23 CET 2005

No matter how I add it, form validates only whether fields are entered 
or empty. But it doesn't perform any e-mail field validation although 
t3lib/jsfunc.validateform.js is neatly included in the page output.

The e-mail part of the form has this TS:

E-mail: | *email=input,40
  | formtype_mail=submit | Send!
  | html_enabled=hidden
  | subject=hidden | Contact Form Inquiry

The mentioned JS above has a case "_EMAIL" validation built-in, but 
doesn't validate the input in e-mail field.

Is there anything else I should setup here?


Boris Senker

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J. Laurencica 8, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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