[Typo3] Mailform (Formmail?) Problem: Messages Not Delivered

George Hunka geh at panix.com
Mon Mar 7 21:29:57 CET 2005

Dear Bert (& Listers),

Afraid that didn't work. (BTW, this is running Typo3 3.6.2 on IIS 6 
through the SMTP server on IIS. Also, I've specified the IP address for 
the mail server in the php.ini file, and that solved the Tip-a-Friend 
problem, but I've still got this one.)

Any other suggestions? I'd hate to go to an <a href="mailto:xxx"> link ...


Bert Hiddink [BENDOO e-work solutions] wrote:

> Hello, George!
> George Hunka wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> Everybody here has been great about offering help, so I hope that 
>> this final little question isn't a bother. I've done searches through 
>> the archives for a solution, but nothing's worked so far.
>> I am using the form plug-in to generate a "Feedback" page here:
>> The Tip-a-friend plugin I'm using works, and I've set disabled strict 
>> formmail in the configuration, but none of the forms I've been trying 
>> to send ever arrives in my email inbox. Any suggestions?
> Did you try to send the email to addresses on different (mail)servers? 
> Maybe the problem is related to a very strict spam-filter on one of 
> these servers (in my case it was)...Did you check this possibility?
> Hope this helps!
> grt,
> -brt


George Hunka
geh at panix.com

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