[Typo3] Picking up old pages and redirects from an old site (.htaccess)

Mark Gillingham markgill at uwalumni.com
Mon Mar 7 16:18:38 CET 2005

Mark Gillingham wrote:

> # the following sets the base root, which is required
> # for the redirection in the next rule
> RewriteBase     /
> # If a URI ends in /, remove it
> RewriteRule     ^(.*)/$   $1 [R=permanent]
> # Move arbitrary path to a specific  T3 page
> # E.g., /mytest to /index.php?johnson
> RewriteRule ^johnson/?$    johnson.html [L]

After some testing on my production system, I have another question. I 
am using the standard htaccess rules to do simulate static URLs. 
However, after invoking the rule to move the root directory down one 
level (RewriteRule     ^(.*)/$   $1), one of the T3 rules fails in the 
following way:

This rule works
RewriteRule ^johnson/?$    index.php?id=johnson [L]
This rule does not work
RewriteRule ^johnson/?$    johnson.html [L]

Is this failure caused by my first rule that moves the root? What about 
it is incorrect?


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