[Typo3] Server and DB Questions

TomF tgf at lakeland.ws
Sun Mar 6 21:21:41 CET 2005

Sorry, don't yet know if this is the proper way to respond.


Your extension tip was enlightening which led to the doc(s) and a post by
Mark Gillingham and Joshua Preston's response.  This system and those of you
developing and supporting it are dynamite!!  Thanks.


Tom F (Osceola)


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> Dear Tom,


> Check out the "htmlcssstyling" extension, it may get you up and running

> smoothly?


> David


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> Hi list


> Have been reading through typo3 doc pile and very impressed despite still

> being on the steep portion of the learning curve.  Best I've seen and will

> be teaching two of our granddaughters how to put a site together using

> typo3.  Before venturing further, if known, please advise if (1) anyone

> running under Xitami server and, (2) if PostgreSQL has been used.


> Currently am using Xitami, PHP, and PostgreSQL for a  very crude, high

> performance app.  If need be, will dump Xitami, et al, and go with what

> appears to be the most common typo3 suite; but would rather not do that.


> Thank you.


> - Tom F (osceola)


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