[Typo3] Server and DB Questions

Tom F tgf at lakeland.ws
Sun Mar 6 18:32:50 CET 2005

Hi list

Have been reading through typo3 doc pile and very impressed despite still being on the steep portion of the learning curve.  Best I've seen and will be teaching two of our granddaughters how to put a site together using typo3.  Before venturing further, if known, please advise if (1) anyone running under Xitami server and, (2) if PostgreSQL has been used.

Currently am using Xitami, PHP, and PostgreSQL for a  very crude, high performance app.  If need be, will dump Xitami, et al, and go with what appears to be the most common typo3 suite; but would rather not do that.

Thank you.

- Tom F (osceola)

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