[Typo3] My first email form output

Mark Gillingham markgill at greatbooks.org
Fri Mar 4 21:29:22 CET 2005

I'm testing a nice form I made that I want to sent to Mailman to 
subscribe people to a list. The output must be in the form

subscribe address=your at email.com

where your at email.com must be the value of the email input field.

My form is

Your e-mail address | *email=input
  | msg=hidden | subscribe gbf address=
  | formtype_mail=submit | Subscribe
  | html_enabled=hidden
  | subject=hidden | Subscribe

And the output is

MSG:  subscribe gbf address=
EMAIL:  markgill at greatbooks.org

You can see that I have the information, but it is on two lines with 
variable labels. How do I create a message that does not contain the 
variable labels and is in the form that I need?

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