[Typo3] tt_news 2.1.0 is available for download

Rupert Germann rupi at gmx.li
Fri Mar 4 23:32:44 CET 2005


a new tt_news version is online. 

here some changes:
- added two new fields for image alt-text and title to the BE form. With
this fields you can add different alt and title texts to each image
- new possiblity to render the "more" link. Now this link can also be
rendered by TS. The advantage is that this link appears in the same line
(and the same p-tag) as the last line of the subheader/bodytext in list
views. see example in manual
- new TS-var 'dontUseBackPid': If you enable this, you can prevent the use
of the variables for dynamic back-Links in links, that point to the
single-view. The advantage is, that all those links will look the same,
what will f.e. prevent multiple indexing by the indexed search. (RealUrl
Links will also look nicer without a backpid). The backlink in the
single-view will still function, but it will only point to a global BackPid
(f.e. the list view)
- new Feature: 'SinglePid by Category' you can now define a singlePid in the
category record.(thank goes to Kimmo Helle for sponsoring this feature) 
- new TSvar 'catOrderBy': gives you the possibility to order the categories
(in FE) f.e. by title. 
- It's now possible to use the Latest-template to display archived news.
(new TSvar: 'displayArchivedInLatest')
- changed the handling of the list limit given from FF. This value for limit
will now override a value for latestLimit that is configured in TS. (fixes
bug 657)
- added a new section to the manual: "Registers"
- added some new TS-examples to the manual

the complete changelog can be found here:


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