[Typo3] SQL Injection

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Fri Mar 4 15:09:59 CET 2005

Hi Taylor,

> I hate to be a party pooper, but this was posted on SECURITY FOCUS. It's
> already "public"
> Alerting the entire "typo3 community" about it is important to one, let
> people know to watch out for it and two to encourage someone to fix this
> problem immediately.  A lot more people, including "hackers," read
> security focus than this little newsgroup/listserv.
> Can we focus on getting it fixed rather than complaining that it was
> posted in the wrong place?  I'd work on fixing it but I don't have
> enough knowledge to do it.

It has been fixed and announced on typo3-announce.

One more announcement on typo3.org is going to be published shortly.

Everybody who is not yet subscribed to typo3-announce at lists.netfielders.de
should do that IMMEDIATELY because this is the channel where we publish our

(Was already posted this morning, btw.)

- michael
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