[Typo3] 3 column template

Ludo Jambrich devel at skrz.sk
Fri Mar 4 14:45:29 CET 2005

Hello Emanuele,

  thanx for answear

EZ> using Templavoilà any existing 3 columns website can be using as a
EZ> template as Kasper proved to us :)

it seemed to me than in desc. Templavoila they speak about 2 columns,
I tried it anyway and I got kind of error message

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: fullquotestr() in /www/typo3/dummy-3.7.0/typo3conf/ext/templavoila/mod2/index.php on line 1444

EZ> If u want something clean and simple feel free to take a look at my
EZ> website here: www.studioenne.com/emanuelez

thanx, I may try to use it

thanx a lot for your help

have a nice day


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