[Typo3] GMENU_LAYERS - Make Menu Item Not Linked if it has Sub Items

Matt Valenti mv at mattvalenti.com
Fri Mar 4 07:34:51 CET 2005

I have a GMENU_LAYERS menu that's working great.  The only thing I need to 
do is disable links on main menu items when they have sub items.  I've tried 
SPC but these don't support roll overs so my submenu doesn't show.  I've 
also tried the following code but again the submenu is not shown.

  IFSUB = 1
  IFSUB < .1.NO
  IFSUB.noLink = 1

I've been searching and reading and reading and searching and have tried way 
too many things to list here.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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