[Typo3] Home Page - Clean URL & Menu Item

Matt Valenti mv at mattvalenti.com
Wed Jun 29 20:07:52 CEST 2005

I'd like to setup the following basic site structure (as example):


I'd like to be able to go to www.mywebsite.com and have it default to the 
home page and also keep this url in the address bar of the browser.  (i.e. 
not www.mywebsite.com/index.php?id=)

So I have the following tree structure.  I use the following structure so 
that I can add multiple websites in the future.  Perhaps this is an issue.


When I go to www.mywebsite.com I get the contents of the page WebsiteName. 
I'd like to show the contents of the Home page instead.  I can put a 
redirect on the WebsiteName page to go to Home but then the url contains 
index.php in it.

Maybe this is just the default behavior of Typo3.  I've looked at a number 
of Typo3 sites that do not have a Home page in the menu.  Instead clicking 
on the banner takes you back to the home page (e.g. typo3.org).  But I was 
hoping there were some settings I was overlooking to set it to work 

This seems like a question that must have been answered somewhere before but 
I can't find it in the FAQ, How To or Newsgroup.


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