[Typo3] Links losing index.php in RTE

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Wed Jun 29 11:10:34 CEST 2005

Steven Bagshaw wrote:
> But when I click on the link, it doesn't actually work. It takes me to the
> root page of myserver.com/cms, rather than the specific ID.
> Tapio - can you remember reading about this new "feature" somewhere?

No. And now Typo3 seems to work normally - puts index.php.
I don't understand, why it doesn't behave at this way always.
Sorry - this really seems to be a strange problem.
Maybe problems with .htaccess?
Have you altered it?

I use normally Real URL - it has some problems.

1) When you go to the home page, variable L doesn't work as prevars
but I get /119/?L=1

NEXT page I get for example /fi/124/ ('Ota yhteyttä').


if you put
you should get

but you get

when you go to some pages and return to home page by using
breadrumbs (path menu) prevars work

Use some link.

Not a bad problem but a little bit irritating

2) #anchor doesn't work at all in the same page! internal achors goes 
ALWAYS to the root page! BAD problem because internal references in the 
same page can't be used => some plugins can't be used.

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