[Typo3] tt_news and formatting the dates to local standard

Johan Dalström johan.dalstrom at clearit.se
Tue Jun 28 13:05:02 CEST 2005

Hey, guys.

I'm almost done configuring everything with the site that is about to go
live. But what I for the life of me cannot figure out is how to convert the
date shown with the news item the the local standard (which is Swedish).

It now shows (for example) "Thursday 10. of February 2005". I would like to
convert that into Swedish (Torsdagen den 10 februari 2005). I have set my
languagesetting in the typo3-template and I'm browsed through the
locallang-files, but I cannot seem to find it.

In typo3/ext/tt_news/class.tx_ttnews.php I find this on row 580:
$markerArray["###NEWS_DATE###"] =

But this is where my trail ends. I'm sure this has a simple fix, but I
cannot seem to figure it out. I'd appreciate your help.



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