[Typo3] COA_INT + Plugin = no FE-rendering

Franz Koch typo3 at fx-graefix.de
Sat Jun 25 00:58:29 CEST 2005

> I even digged deeper into it and come to the conclusion: USER_INT nested
> within COA_INT is not possible(makes no sense either, does it?)

I think I explained the reason why I need that in the previous posting.  
Normaly it makes no sense - I aggree with that. But I'm wondering that  
nobody needed dynamically fetched and noncached content-elements on other  
websites before. Or they simply didn't need any plugins in there.

> P.S.: tt_news is USER, so it works. Actually I am even quite sure you
> can turn any plugin into a USER-Object inside a COA_INT without any harm.

During my first tests I also changed some of the tested plugins to USER,  
but with no change - maybe at the wrong place. But I cant set the used  
plugins to USER inside the COA_INT-object, because the content get's  
dynamically fechted by TS from a certain page (via kb_tv_contslide).

So, there is no way besides rewriting the core to provide "normal" plugins  
at an earlier state while processing the page.

Thanks a lot so far.
Greetings from germany to germany ;),

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