[Typo3] COA_INT + Plugin = no FE-rendering

Peter Niederlag niederlag at ikd01.de
Fri Jun 24 18:21:07 CEST 2005


Peter Niederlag schrieb:
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> First thing:
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> Why do you need a COA_INT here? I haven't ever been working with
> *nested* [COA|USER]_INT elements afair.
> Why would you need a COA_INT in that scenario you mentioned above? the
> plugins themeselves take care of being USER_INT or just USER. So it
> would be quite sufficient to turn temp.menu into a COA. If parts of that
> COA are USER_INT they wont be cached.

I even digged deeper into it and come to the conclusion: USER_INT nested
within COA_INT is not possible(makes no sense either, does it?)

I would suggest to update man:TSRef. ;)


P.S.: tt_news is USER, so it works. Actually I am even quite sure you
can turn any plugin into a USER-Object inside a COA_INT without any harm.
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