[Typo3] COA_INT + Plugin = no FE-rendering

Franz Koch typo3 at fx-graefix.de
Fri Jun 24 10:25:55 CEST 2005

Hi, me again.

Well, it seems not to be a TV-Problem as I thought earlier. I just tested  
it on a site with oldschool-templating and there is the same 'Bug'?
Can anybody confirm this, and can anybody confirm that it is a bug or  
better - has a workaround or at least can tell me why this behaviour  
occurs? Im not that familiar with the core to have any idea where to look  
for the problem.

I hope I get that fixed in the next 6 days, because than is the first  
presentation of milestone1 from the project - otherwise I have a big  
Greetz, Franz

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