[Typo3] TemplaVoila + COA_INT + Plugin = no FE-rendering

Franz Koch typo3 at fx-graefix.de
Thu Jun 23 15:20:41 CEST 2005

Hi list,
I'm new in the english list and hope you can help me. Me resarch in the  
archives (german and this one), the wiki and the documentation did  
unfortunately not result in success. So I'm here now.

first: this is some kind of crossposting to the german mailing-list  
located here:

The reason why I also post here is, that nobody could help solving my  
problem (thanks to Peter Niederlag for trying) - if it at least is not  
more a bug then a problem.

So, where to start. I'm working on a medium community-page with left and  
right columns using T3 3.8, TV 0.4.0 and CSC 0.2.2. In the side-columns  
should be displayed a non-cached content from the rootpage + (if  
activated) sliding-content (kb_tv_contslide). Sliding and all works great  
until a change the TS-obj to COA_INT. It does not matter if the TS-obj is  
defined inside the DS of TV or if I'm refering to an external lib.myObj.

When using COA_INT, some of the used plugins in the side-columns get not  
rendered anymore. The HASH-marker of the plugins keeps unsubsituted in the  
sourcecode. I don't know why and I haven't found a solution for that.

By trying to figure out why some plugins get rendered and some not, I got  
the following rendering-behaviour:

always rendering (COA or COA_INT):
- tt_news (with and without caching)
- my own extensions
- all tt_content (-> css_styled_content)

not rendered/subsituted in COA_INT:
- indexed_search
- jk_poll (where I first noticed it)
- cwt_community
- new_loginbox
- ...

I also downgraded to 3.7 and TV 0.3.0 for testing, with the same result. I  
can also reproduce this behaviour on other installations,  
pages/datastructures, on windows and on linux. Putting the COA_INT into an  
COA made also no difference.

Any ideas why this happens? Or any other solution how to cache the main  
content but not the side-columns?
I wrote Robert Lemke an email, but he seems to be very busy right now, so  
I only got a dummy-reply (which I can absolutely understand if he sould  
read this here).

Thanks 4 help (hopefully).
Greetings, Franz

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