[Typo3] MTB or TemplateViola?

Steven Bagshaw steven.bagshaw at unv.org
Thu Jun 23 17:23:32 CEST 2005

It's good to get feedback on this - now that we're at 3.8 I'm considering
looking at TemplaVoila again, like Matthias.

The thing that put me off before was the issues people seemed to be having
with multi-languages. Anyone had any success or failure with that recently?
I need the resulting BE interface to be solid and easy enough for the
editors/writers to use.

Other experiences welcome - thanks to those who have shared them so far.



"Rudy Gnodde" <gnodde.rudy at wag.nl> wrote in message
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I have to disagree with Ben. I've been working with Templavoila for
several months now, including several larger sites, and find it very
easy to use. Only the Flexible Content Element not being in the new
content wizard bug bothered me, but there is an extension that fixes
this now (though I don't use the extension... I edited the code myself
to add this a few weeks before the extension was released). I don't see
any reason why you wouldn't use Templavoila.


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> Matthias Kall wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > if you need a good TV tutorial read Futuristic Template Building. I
> > my self had to many problems with TV on 3.7.0. This is why I build
> > last few sites with standard html templates (not even the
> > but sometimes with rlmp_tmlpselector).
> > I like the idea behind TV though, so I might give it another shot
> > with the recent version on 3.8.0.
> Hi,
> It is definitely not usable in a large evironment. Still has some bugs
> stuff. I would just use the autoparser extension.
> grTz
> ben
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