[Typo3] nested list <ul> <li> in RTE

pickaso ajoythomas at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 00:17:45 CEST 2005

Hi pickaso				

haha... looks like i am missing a good chunk of my post... so here is rest of my post (/question):

for some reason when i save this, the second set of  ul disappears and everything
is wrapped in  <li> |  </li>  I get the second set of list by increasing the indent to the right.
anyone knows how this can be saved in the database? i am using the  content template.

- pickaso (pickaso)

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> Hi list
> i am fairly new to typo3, and i think its a great CMS. i had a quick question
> with Rich text editor. i have a nested list of items for example:
> <UL>
> <LI> Bedrooms &  Living Areas</LI>
> <LI>Pool &  Fitness Center</LI>
> <LI>Hot Breakfast Buffet</LI>
> <LI>Plus, enjoy the many  benefits, including:</LI>
> <UL>
> <LI>second list 1 </LI>
> <LI>second list 2</LI>
> <LI>second list 3</LI>
> </UL>
> </UL>
> - pickaso (pickaso)
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