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Matthias Kall matthias.kall at web.de
Wed Jun 22 22:07:16 CEST 2005

Hi Volker,

Volker Graubaum wrote:
> not far away from Hamburg you can find the NORDAKADEMIE Elmshorn. (
> http://www.nordakademie.de ) They are building a new "Audimax" in the
> moment with possibilities to organize such an event.
As I said, I offered it for Clausthal. For ideas on how or where to make
it in Hamburg please contact Thomas Hempel. Here it would take place in
the buildings of the Clausthal University of Technology. www.tu-clausthal.de

I think most of the conference would problably take place in the AULA
ACADEMICA which is the nicest building on campus for an event like this. 
  It has a nice auditorium for the opening and for the main talks and it 
has a second (larger) room where the assoc, the T3 professionals network 
and companies could be presented in an exhibition style (Sort of like 
the Linuxtag but smaller).
Additional talks could be held in the various auditoriums and tutorials
could be given in the PC-Pools.
Besides the regular accommodation in hotels and hostels we would offer
really inexpensive ones in the gym (might be interesting not only for
  > Best time would be beginning of April, since there are no one studying
> at this time.

Beginning of April would work but I'd rather suggest the weekend after
pentacost 2006 which would be 8.-11. June. There is nobody studying at
this time either (it's still within holidays) and the weather is much
more stable. I know it's covering the first two days of the soccer
WM2006 but the games are at night and we could show the games on large
screen with a beamer for those interested.


Matthias Kall
matthias.kall at web.de

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