[Typo3] just a word of praise!

Christoph Koehler christoph.koehler at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 16:45:43 CEST 2005

I agree to an extend. The hardest part for me starting out were the many  
many different ways of doing one thing. That can be nice, but also pretty  
confusing at first. I also had some trouble (at first) finding the place  
to edit my template TS and stuff; I guess it takes getting used to, but I  
am sure there can be made improvements.
These things are already planned for 4.5 / 5.0, so I think Kasper and co  
are aware of the problems. :)

On Wed, 22 Jun 2005 09:30:48 -0500, McCluskey, Chris (ISD)  
<Chris.McCluskey at isd.csa.scot.nhs.uk> wrote:

> Easy tiger... my point is (and I do apologise for my posts - just a bit  
> of
> mischief) I think Typo3 to an extent reinvents the wheel and as such can  
> be
> pointless. If I'm going to take time to learn something I want it to be
> scalable and I don't want it  to limit me to one product open source or
> otherwise - from that point of view I think Typo3 has gone down a  
> Microsoft
> style route, rather than following standards that will allow different
> product to interact with each other in a manageable way.
> It's also not the best system from a usability point of view. I think a
> complete overhaul would be the best and the involvement of people with an
> understanding of HCI from ground level would be invaluable.
> The system makes too many assumptions and you have to spend months  
> undoing
> defaults. If Typo3 was a good framework it would be cleaner, allowing  
> you to
> build from a neutral base.
> I do have other constructive criticisms I could make but I reckon I given
> you all enough to be getting on with... by the way that was just another
> little bit of mischief ;o)
> adiós
> Chris
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> McCluskey, Chris (ISD) wrote:
>> - are we still talking about a quick install or after months of learning
> the
>> rather pointless typoScript?
>> *throws stone at a numpty*
> just because it takes _you_ months to learn TS because you obviously
> dont grasp its concept / what TS actually is made for you call it
> pointless...thats ridiculous and shows that you actually got no clue...
> I dont understand Spanish...hm, must be pointless as most people speak
> English anyways...
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