[Typo3] FE user registration / account modyfying problem

Kimmo Helle kimmo.helle at paitsio.com
Wed Jun 22 15:37:39 CEST 2005


I've got some great news!!! I figured this mess out!

But I must say that there _IS_ some kind of bug in Typo3. I did the grep
thing as suggested by Bernhard (THANKS!!!) and found out that phpAdsNew is
located in different database with user2 as user id. I removed all the
advertisement from this site and BANG - everything works like a charm.

But I do think that this is a bug if fe_user_registration and CMW_linklist
gets affected by this!


On 22.6.2005 12:40, "Kraft Bernhard" <kraftb at gmx.net> wrote:

> kimmo.helle at paitsio.com wrote:
>> If I don't remember incorrectly, that is done through SSH? I'll try to do
>> this when I'm back home. This can't be done through Typo3 I guess?
> The database configuration can't get stored IN the database :) that won't
> work.
> SSH to your webserver and change to the directory containing the typo3conf and
> uploads
> dir.
> then type in:
> grep -r "user2" *
> this should show you all occurrences of "user2".
> greets,
> Bernhard

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