[Typo3] Drag and drop in backend

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Wed Jun 22 00:36:50 CEST 2005

Hi Stephane,

> Still more progress on that small drag and drop extension. Now visual
> feedback is available in version 0.5.0 through a transparent icon that
> follows the mouse movement.

Great work!! I've just tried it out on all my browsers:
It works perfect on Firefox, Konqueror, MSIE and Opera! :-)

> Just two improvements remain to be done:
> - get the drag/drop action to be cancelled when the mouse exits the page
> tree frame even if the user has not released the mouse button

True. May be confusing otherwise.

> - get the icon to be customised based on the type of page being moved
> (i.e. icon to match the page being moved)

Not so important.

> Any more comments on this ?
> I like what it has become :)

Indeed, me too! I'd love to have this functionality moved into the core as
soon as possible. Are you fine with that?

> If any of you have any clue on how to implement the 2 improvements
> mentioned above I'd be happy to hear about this, as currently I have no
> clue.

A solution might be to cancel the action when the mouse comes back into the
frame. Just check if the mousebutton is pressed or not...

- michael
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