[Typo3] Drag and drop in backend

Stephane Schitter stephane.schitter at free.fr
Tue Jun 21 23:12:45 CEST 2005


Still more progress on that small drag and drop extension. Now visual feedback
is available in version 0.5.0 through a transparent icon that follows 
the mouse

Just two improvements remain to be done:
- get the drag/drop action to be cancelled when the mouse exits the page tree
frame even if the user has not released the mouse button
- get the icon to be customised based on the type of page being moved 
(i.e. icon
to match the page being moved)

Any more comments on this ?
I like what it has become :)

If any of you have any clue on how to implement the 2 improvements mentioned
above I'd be happy to hear about this, as currently I have no clue.


Quoting Jeff Segars <jsegars at alumni.rice.edu>:

>> I am now going to work on the visual feedback for users to know that 
>> they have
>> actually grabbed a page and are dragging it.
> Have you seen the drag and drop functionality at 
> http://mir.aculo.us/demos/draggable2.html?  Seems to work pretty well 
> so you might be able to use that as a basis for visual feedback.

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