[Typo3] customer-specific page

mamax markus.massak at dataport.at
Tue Jun 21 00:55:20 CEST 2005


i use the newloginbox and dkd_redirect_at_login to forward from a general
customer login page to the customer-specific page.

1. after navigating to another page and then back to the customer page (by
using the menu) I don't get to the customer-specific page but again to the
general customer login page as no succesful login is performed this time,
hence no forward.
how can i make the menu entry always lead to the correct (customer-specific)
one way i can imagine to solve this problem is to include all
customer-specific pages in the general login page and show only that one
whose corresponding user is logged in. is that the "right" way - if yes: how
to include a page into another?

2. when one user is logged in and manually manipulates the request url
(using the pid of another customer's page) the user is able to view the
other user's (private) page. *shocked* how can i avoid this effect?

thanks in advance

Markus Massak
dataport IT.Netzwerk


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