[Typo3] Other colpos value than '0' using TemplaVoila

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Mon Jun 20 20:28:55 CEST 2005

Kraft Bernhard wrote:
> tapio wrote:
>> The task of the lib.leftcontentshared is just to FECTH contents from 
>> the column '1' of the pid=384. It fetch the content to every page 
>> using a certain DS + TO. Work ok and doesn't need any change.
>> I want that using 'TV' that Typo3 WRITES content elements, which I 
>> define for example in the content area 'Left Shared Content' using the 
>> value colpos=1 instead of colpos=2. Without that change contents can't 
>> be fetched other pages from the intended colposvalue using the 
>> TypoScript 'lib.leftcontentshared'.
> Well. somehow I don't understand your english :(
> Normally if you create a content element using the TV page module it 
> will get inserted into the "Normal" column
> of the traditional Page module.

Yes - this is the problem. Normally I would like to put it always to the
column "Normal" but NOT in the pid=384

> You can set a different target colPos using TSConfig but just on a per 
> Page level 

:( - in fact useless because it doesn't at all solve the problem I have. 
If this is the case:

1) shared content needs then several pages if content has been defined 
using the page module TemplaVoila

2) for shared contents it is necessary to use the old page module and 
use with that page MTB

The latter alternative is presumably better. Only *one* person needs
to define shared content areas.

>... you can't define that content
> Elements which you put into your "Left Shared Content" TV column should 
> end up in the "Left" MTB column and
> "Right Shared Content" TV column => "Right" MTB Column ...
> that's simply not possible ...


> you may ask why.


> The reason: TV has and neve will have to do anything with MTB.
> colPos is an MTB concept while TV uses a completly new concept ...

I undestand this, but concerning shared contents this is problem.
Using MTB I can define all shared content using one page.
There should be some method to do exactly the same as I have done
with MTB by defining contant.txt and setup.txt for CSS Styled Content
to support shared contents.

> I would know a solution with which it would be possible to use directly 
> the content-elements of a TV column as kind
> of static/shared content ...

I have searched for that kind of solution. If we think this matter in 
general, this is quite important. A customer might want temporarily 
write some shared content to advertise in every page some happening.
Shared content gives easily the possibility to alter headers and footers 
(endeed my partner said that customer *should not* alter the footer).

> But that would require either "advanced" TS (have to thinker myself) 
> .... or a User-PHP-method.

> Write me offlist if you are interested and just write the result of all 
> efforts to this list .
> (There are thousands others reading and they don't need to follow the 
> complete soultion process ...)

> greets,

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