[Typo3] Drag and drop in backend

Stephane Schitter stephane.schitter at free.fr
Mon Jun 20 16:43:46 CEST 2005

Hi List,

After being quiet for some time about the status on this extension I have
nevertheless been actively continuing the development. Now I am happy to let
you know that I published an updated version, with the proposed popup menu and
with a (simple) manual.

I am now going to work on the visual feedback for users to know that they have
actually grabbed a page and are dragging it.

But in the meantime could I please ask for some more feedback on this updated
version of the extension ? Do you like it, is it useful, any additional
features missing ?

I really would like to keep it the simplest possible. Not because of lack of
skills to develop it further, but I believe that it is a nice userfriendliness
tool and should not be extend to a monster extension. Keep it simple...

As with any new piece of software, be careful with using new releases of
extensions, and this one is no exception to the rule.


Quoting Karsten Dambekalns <karsten at typo3.org>:

> It should be possible to either change the cursor style or to display a
> small layer that follows the mouse and contains a page icon or smth. Visual
> feedback is very important IMHO.
> What would be awesome, is that on drop a small menu pops up allowing to
> choose between
> - copy into,
> - copy after,
> - move into,
> - move after.
> Similar to the behaviour of Konqueror or other applications. That would make
> this a killer feature.

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