[Typo3] Allowing non-Admin users to insert frontend plugins?

PaulDT pdellato at gmp.usyd.edu.au
Sat Jun 18 11:01:41 CEST 2005

Tools > User Admin > Edit Username

Highlight Group and Item > Edit

Scroll down to "Pagecontent: Plugin:", ensure they are not denied.



Jason Lefkowitz wrote:
> Hey...
> well, i've finally managed to get my first frontend plugin into working shape.  Everything seems to be clicking along fine.  Except for one thing...
> I configured the plugin to add itself to the "Insert Plugins" list, and when I add pagecontent as a user with Admin privileges, I see it in that list.  However, when I try to do so as a non-Admin user, the "Plugin:" list comes up empty.  Not only does my plugin not show up, none of the other front-end plugins that are installed (mininews, RDF newsfeed, etc.) show up either.  It's an empty list.
> This is very weird.  I assume that somewhere I have failed to configure something properly, but I've just spent hours scouring the documentation and I can't figure out what.  The static templates are included in the page template; the backend users are allowed access to these plugins in the allow/deny list.  What am I doing wrong?  Is there a master switch I need to flip somewhere?
> Help O gods of Typo3!!!  I am so close!!!  :-)
> -- Jason Lefkowitz
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