[Typo3] Please help me get Make Printlink working

Gert Kaae Hansen laptop at tyksak.dk
Fri Jun 17 21:11:02 CEST 2005

Jody Cleveland wrote:

>>subparts.tprint = COA
>>subparts.tprint.50 = IMAGE
>>subparts.tprint.50.file = fileadmin/printlink/print.gif

It seems as the printlink isent passed into your template, did you place 
the print.gif in the right folder.

You maby also need to move the subparts to this point

    subparts.CONTENT_LEFT < styles.content.getLeft
    subparts.CONTENT_RIGHT < styles.content.getRight
    subparts.CONTENT_BORDER < styles.content.getBorder
    subparts.CONTENT < styles.content.get
    subparts.m-print < subparts.tprint


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