[Typo3] 100 unnecessary lines of CSS in header of extensions not used

Jaco Graaff jaco at spacexplorer.co.za
Fri Jun 17 12:48:19 CEST 2005

Adam, Torsten , ROB  - thx for the feedback - I'm going to try it and post 
the result.

Thx for a great community - as a graphic designer I acknowledge I'm not a 
hard-core programmer although I try my best with Lingo, ActionScript, 
Javascr, asp, PHP - Now typo - a lot for me - but I love this - all the 
functionality that can be mixed with design
This is the sites I'm running on one typo installation:


http://www.Boshmouthguards.com/ - under development - going the "pure" - CSS 

Best Regards from Sunny South Africa's Capitol -> Pretoria

Jaco Graaff

"Torsten Schrade" <schrade at lineara.de> wrote in message 
news:mailman.1.1119001504.4618.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...
> Jaco Graaff wrote:
>> Thx Rob - the problem is that in some of my sites on my multiple site
>> installation I use ee_blog - or I might experiment with tx-srpuzzle or
>> quickpoll on another - AND I would not like all those css to show up in 
>> each
>> and every page's header in different sites. It adds 100's of lines of 
>> code
>> to every html page as css style - which I don't use -
> I think you missed Rob's point. The technique he's pointed you at is
> nothing specific to indexed search!
> Ok, let's assume for simplicity's sake you have two different sites
> within one installation. They all have different page trees and
> therefore *different* root templates:
> site one (root-template1)
> - bla
> - bla
> site two (root-template2)
> - bub
> - blub
> Now you install an extension. This extension brings lots of TS and CSS
> into your installation and mabey into the headers of generated pages.
> So, let's go to the TypoScript Objectbrowser on root template1 and check
> the section beginning with
> plugin.something...
> Chances are, that the CSS from an extension is brought in by a line like
> plugin.something._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE = all the styles.
> If you click on the line in the TSOB you get a screen where you can
> choose CLEAR OBJECT for this line. This will result in the following
> line in your root-template1
> plugin.something._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE >
> From that minute on, there will be NO styles from that plugin in the
> header of ALL pages that work with root-template1!
> On the second site with root-template2, they will be there as nothing is
> cleared in that template.
> Extensions insert CSS in different ways. The above way is the most
> common. You will have to find out by yourself in the particular case by
> either using TSOB and/or by looking into the files that come with the
> extension.
> Check it out ;-), Torsten 

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