[Typo3] 100 unnecessary lines of CSS in header of extensions not used

Torsten Schrade schrade at lineara.de
Fri Jun 17 11:45:56 CEST 2005

Jaco Graaff wrote:
> Thx Rob - the problem is that in some of my sites on my multiple site 
> installation I use ee_blog - or I might experiment with tx-srpuzzle or 
> quickpoll on another - AND I would not like all those css to show up in each 
> and every page's header in different sites. It adds 100's of lines of code 
> to every html page as css style - which I don't use - 

I think you missed Rob's point. The technique he's pointed you at is
nothing specific to indexed search!

Ok, let's assume for simplicity's sake you have two different sites
within one installation. They all have different page trees and
therefore *different* root templates:

site one (root-template1)
 - bla
 - bla

site two (root-template2)
 - bub
 - blub

Now you install an extension. This extension brings lots of TS and CSS
into your installation and mabey into the headers of generated pages.
So, let's go to the TypoScript Objectbrowser on root template1 and check
the section beginning with


Chances are, that the CSS from an extension is brought in by a line like

plugin.something._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE = all the styles.

If you click on the line in the TSOB you get a screen where you can
choose CLEAR OBJECT for this line. This will result in the following
line in your root-template1

plugin.something._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE >

>From that minute on, there will be NO styles from that plugin in the
header of ALL pages that work with root-template1!

On the second site with root-template2, they will be there as nothing is
cleared in that template.

Extensions insert CSS in different ways. The above way is the most
common. You will have to find out by yourself in the particular case by
either using TSOB and/or by looking into the files that come with the

Check it out ;-), Torsten

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