[Typo3] extension maker newbie

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Thu Jun 16 21:59:57 CEST 2005

Michael Courcy wrote:
> Hi list
> I've upload my first extension today and i'm wondering about 2 questions

I wait for my 14th to get it's upload limit raised :)

> 1) I have unset the flag "members only" but neverthless I can't see it 
> in the extension repository, is there a validation process ?

When you uploaded it with the version 0.0.1 which is checked by default after
the first upload then it doesn't get displayed on the "New extensions" page on

But you will surely find it using the Search Extension box.

AFAIK it also takes some time till it shows up in TER.

> 2) I really don't know how to add a documentation to this extension, 
> doe's anybody know a link that explain it ?

Just put the OO manual inside the doc/ directory of the extension and name it "manual.sxw"

Here you have the manual-template:

Donwload it and change it ... but don't forget to change "File > Properties" in OO when
you have opened the file.


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