[Typo3] No thumbnails are created

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Thu Jun 16 17:36:58 CEST 2005

>> Seems like your ImageMagick doesn't work.
>> Go to the install tool and do the image processing tests there.
> True, I don't have ImageMagick installed. Is generation of thumbnails
> reserved exclusively to IM? If so, it loks like a very odd decision to
> me.

Why? - It works fine for 10thousands of people.
It's free and can be easily installed.
So where's the problem?

> If so, it means that there is no way I could create nice-looking sites
> without IM? Very odd indeed.

Of course you can. You will have to style, resize and/or crop your images
using Photoshop or Fireworks before uploading though.
And you won't be able to create menus from the same image sources you used
for the larger versions.

> BTW. I just checked the install tool. Even though it says "Thumbnails
> are generated by IM/partly GD", it wouldn't let me set the
> [GFX][thumbnails] option. How partly?

Don't know exactly. But a fact is: No IM -> no thumbnails. Even though GD
might be part of the thumbnail creation process.


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