[Typo3] Typo3 template repository?

Dieter Mayer dieter_mayer at gmx.net
Tue Jun 14 21:36:06 CEST 2005

Hi Ingo,
> 4. Some are making money by selling templates which wouldn't 
> be possible when having a big repository 

Do you know how many companies out there in the WWWorld earn money with
commercial templates in competition with all those free templates? I
suppose, free templates don't kill this business, because every customer who
wants a special designed template is furthermore able to get one

> 5. Nobody will learn using TYPO3 templating techniques by 
> just klicking the 'install extension' button.

Yes, I agree - but there's a difference between newbies that will only have
a quick result (maybe for a quick analysis or the comparison with another
cms) and deeper interested designers. Don't forget: all of them will have
the possibility to analyze the templates and TS codes and learn Typo3ing by
watching and doing - same as with static templates. How many Typo3
interested people resigned after a few hours, because they don't got a
result in a short time? I think, a lot of them woldn't give up, if they got
a result in a justifiable time - I suppose, after that first success they
are willing to dive deeper in the system, learn more and get better


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