[Typo3] Typo3 template repository?

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Tue Jun 14 21:57:10 CEST 2005

Dieter Mayer wrote:

>>5. Nobody will learn using TYPO3 templating techniques by 
>>just klicking the 'install extension' button.
> Yes, I agree - but there's a difference between newbies that will only have
> a quick result (maybe for a quick analysis or the comparison with another
> cms) and deeper interested designers. Don't forget: all of them will have
> the possibility to analyze the templates and TS codes and learn Typo3ing by
> watching and doing - same as with static templates. How many Typo3
> interested people resigned after a few hours, because they don't got a
> result in a short time? I think, a lot of them woldn't give up, if they got
> a result in a justifiable time - I suppose, after that first success they
> are willing to dive deeper in the system, learn more and get better
> results...

We've had the discussion that TYPO3 is too hard on newbies multiple
times, and honestly, I do not see that making everything click'n'go is
the solution to this. As Ingo said, nobody will learn anything from
this, and if you really want to compare Mambo with TYPO3 in terms of
available templates, you're screwed anyway. Look at Plone, they have
*no* templates whatsoever (okay, one with and one without tables) and
people seem to use it in professional environments.

I tend to see example templates just as a slightly nicer variant of

page = PAGE
page.1 < styles.content.get

We're just pushing the barrier of *really* having to read a lot of docs
and spending weeks and months somewhat further up the hill. This may be
okay for newbies who just want quick results but it will result in even
more postings like "Okay, I have template X and want a third menu level
but don't bug me with the docs".-
In other words: Making a template repository will probably help in the
short run, but not necessarily in the long run (from a user's perspective).


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