[Typo3] Typo3 template repository?

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Tue Jun 14 20:20:20 CEST 2005

Dieter Mayer wrote:
> Hi listmembers,
> seems that there has been an interesting discussion about free
> Typo3-Templates in the thread "TYPO3 ready to use web site templates". That
> made me musing about extending the Typo3-Repository...
> What do you think about this idea:
> Goal: building a growing 'ready to run' and 'free to use' template base like
> the houndreds of free Mambo templates. Look at
> http://www.mambohut.com/component/option,com_remository/Itemid,73/, then you
> know, what I'm talking about. 

Hi Dieter,

I am not convinced of making such a mass of ready-to-run templates for
some reasons:
1. TYPO3 is a professional tool for professional sites. Professional
sites need custom templates.
2. Mass templates are boring to annoying to look at. If I see another
site with the Kubrick template, I'll go somewhere else.
3. The goal for the new template project I am working on is basically to
aid with template building and show off common features of TYPO3. Thus,
I expect the static templates to be a starting point for writing one's
own TS templates (which is the most fun in playing with TYPO3, right?),
I do *not* intend these templates to be used "as is" because I am bored
by them already ;)

So again, what would be the use of whipping up 200+ templates that
implement the same features, add a few <div> here and there, and some
different CSS?

> Steps to do:
> 1) Discussing & defining a spec sheet, what functions and extensions a
> standard template should include at minimum (e.g. css styled content, maybe
> tt_news etc.).

I have done that in my initial posting which should still be available
in typo3.design and here. I'm happy to discuss those issues here.

> 2) Writing a designer and developer related manual, how a standard template
> has to be designed in terms of file structure, mandatory files, constant
> settings etc. (maybe Michael Scharkow could help with this 'cause he has
> released his fine Urban Nomad template a few days ago). 

WRONG! I have nothing to do with this. All credits belong to Stephane
and Ryan. Although I'd have appreciated this to be included in the new
example_templates project because we should not create an extension for
just one template (TER is crowded already).

> 3) Writing a step by step guide how to install such a template (mostly done
> by Michael Scharkow) including a list of mandatory extensions.

Yes, I'll do this with the first release of example_templates which
might happen next week (although only with 3 or 4 templates).


PS: If anyone of you wants to make a working TYPO3 template out of the
mentioned oswd.org templates, please send them to Stephane or me, we can
help putting those in example_templates. But please use some *original*
features like TMENU_LAYERS, or funky TS hacks ;)

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