[Typo3] JSmenu not working - gives "no properties" error

Peter Kindström peter.kindstrom at abc.se
Mon Jun 13 20:08:40 CEST 2005

Thank you Jan and Bernhard!!!
> I have checked bugs.typo3.org and saw thet Bernhard Kraft has submitted this
> as a bug (ID 0001167).

Now I made myself an account there and found the description:
When no <base> tag is set in a page containing a JSMENU then an
JS Error occurs in Firefox 1.0.3 when selecting a select-box entry.
The line in question is:
if (document.getElementsByTagName("base")[0].href != "") {

The problem is if there is no Tag named "base" then the .href
operator will fail.

> He also attached a patch to fix the bug. I have not tested the patch yet.

Thars great, but how do I implement it? Can I do it easily by my
self? I have never done something like this before...  :-(

The solution is a "unified diff". Could I just manually remove
the lines with a minus sign from the original js-file and add
the ones with a plus sign? Or?

/Peter Kindström

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