[Typo3] Developing a catalog with Webformat Shop System

Armando Alfaro armando_de_jesus.alfaro_gallegos at int-evry.fr
Sun Jun 12 02:24:54 CEST 2005

Hello everybody

I'm beginner with Typo3 and I have to develope a catalog and if it is 
possible to implements a selling part for a web solution.

I'm using "extendedshop" (Webformat Shop System) and I followed the 
instructions on the manual, I created my page, added the component as 
content, then I create a template for this page and there I copied the 
lines of code for the constants and setup sections. Finally I created 2 
products, but I only have en empty page when I access the catalog.

Can anyone help me???

I would appreciate it , cuz I'm really short of time now to finish it!!!!


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