[Typo3] Related items in DAM exetnsion

Eric Blom ericb at piap.com
Sun Jun 12 04:25:58 CEST 2005

I have a whole bunch of PDF files I hope to manage using the Digital 
Asset Management (DAM) extension. Some of the PDFs files have ZIP files 
associated with them. My question at the highest level is how can I 
create a relationship between these two DAM records?

I'm imagining something like like the related news features in tt_news. 
Being new to Typo3 I'm not sure what the right approach to this problem 
-- Should I be able to tweak the DAM extension in a way that will be 
compatible with future version?
-- Should I fork the DAM extension and be willing to go my own way.
-- Should I be using a method completely different from the DAM?

The Digital Asset Management extension is really looking good and it is 
great to see that it is scheduled for full release in Typo 4.0. The 
current beta functionality along with the dam_downloads extension seem 
to be very close to what I need.


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