[Typo3] Authenticated comment System

Francesco di Francia darksky77 at email.it
Sat Jun 11 12:56:30 CEST 2005


I hope i haven't choosed the wrong word, "authenticated".
There's a comment extension or a way to hack a comment extension so only 
registered users can write a comment AND they cannot insert a fake 
username as sign of their comment ?

At the moment i can only permit comment to registered users, but a 
logged in users can still sign the comment with a fake 

I would that user should only fill field as Title, Comment/note, email 
while the Username is automatically inserted by the php script. In this 
way user cannot insert a fake username.

I think it's a very important feature. In website where user freely 
comment a _commercial_ product it's important to be sure to avoid troll, 
spammer, bad usage of comment system. It's the only way that the user is 
  responsible of his comment.

Thanks a lot,


PS: i don't know if i should post it also in the dev list, any suggestion ?

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